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We have created a podcast exclusively for particiants in The Big Idea 2020, featuring interviews with The Big Issue management and Australian Thought Leaders. You can access all episodes of The Big Idea podcast here, or click on the link to individual episodes below. If you have any questions after listening, please submit them via our facebook group here.

An introduction to The Big Issue

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Presented by Julianne Gardiner, The Big Idea Manager  at The Big Issue

Learn about The Big Issue’s social enterprise initiatives and the enormous impact they have on the lives of homeless, disadvantaged and marginalised people.

Julianne discusses the way The Big Issue “helps people help themselves” through different social enterprises and programs.


Why sign up for The Big Idea?

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Presented by Julianne Gardiner, The Big Idea Manager at The Big Issue

Guests : Brianna Kerr – Co-founder, Kua; Steph Huang – Co-founder, Homegirls; Jesse Slok – Co-Founder and Chair – Bawurra Foundation.

Your introduction to The Big Idea competition and learning resources. Find out what you will gain from giving the competition your all, and how to maximise your results. Also hear tips from past Big Idea winners, Brianna Kerr, Steph Huang and Jesse Slok.


Where are they now?

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Conversation with Brianna Kerr – Co-founder, Kua; Steph Huang – Co-founder, Homegirls; Jesse Slok – Co-Founder and Chair – Bawurra Foundation.

Find out how past participants have turned their Big Ideas into businesses creating social impact.


Day to Day Operations of a social enterprise

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Conversation with Jeremy Urquhart, National Operations Manager, The Big Issue 

Jeremy is responsible for managing the operations of The Big Issue’s various social enterprises and supporting state offices across Australia. Hear about the day to day operations of running a successful social enterprise, what’s changed in the last 24 years and the lessons learned along the way.


Helping People Help themselves

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Conversation with Gemma Pidutti, State Operations Manager – VIC/TAS, The Big Issue

With over 20 years experience working with The Big Issue’s vendors, Gemma understands the complex challenges they face. Learn about working with marginalised Australians and what needs to be considered when supporting them to work.


My Story

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Conversation with Guest Speakers, The Big Issue

Behind the millions of magazines sold on the street and sent to subscribers are thousands of stories, full of challenges and courage.

Everyone supported by The Big Issue has experienced marginalisation of some kind, including homelessness, long-term unemployment, mental illness or disability, and is looking to improve their life. Hear some of their experiences.


What is social enterprise?

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Conversation with Danya Sterling, Manager- Education Enterprises at the Big Issue

Social enterprise uses the power of the market to solve our most pressing social issues. Danya explains the structure of a social enterprise and how it differs from other types of business. We will also look at a few examples, locally and internationally.


A case for social enterprise

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Conversation with Danya Sterling, Manager- Education Enterprises at the Big Issue

Why is social enterprise important? Discover how social enterprise not only fills gaps in traditional services, but also rights the failings of a traditional economy by creating job opportunities for people who are marginalised.


Creative ideas : How to generate, capture and develop them

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Conversation with Joey Calandra, Innovation Consultant, Inventium

In this interview with innovation consultant Joey Calandra, we’ll discuss practical tools that can be used individually or in teams. These will help you generate as many diverse and creative ideas as possible, and also provide a great way to capture and flesh out ideas for maximum success.


What makes a good idea? 

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Conversation with Sally Hines, COO, The Big Issue & Homes for Homes

The Big Issue’s Chief Operating Officer, Sally Hines, talks about the makings of a good social enterprise idea.

Sally explains what makes an idea viable, and gives a few examples of what works… or doesn’t!


Evaluating your idea

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Conversation with Patrick Lyons, Partner – Social Research, Synergistiq

How do you evaluate your social enterprise idea? Are you confident it is a viable idea? Are you achieving what you hoped to? Patrick explains how to gather information that will help you measure the success of your social enterprise.


Financing options for social enterprises

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Conversation with Hannah Miller, Capacity Building Program Manager, Sefa Partnerships

Drawing on her years of experience, Hannah walks you through the financial considerations and realities of launching a social business, and how to navigate the options.


Social Impact Investing

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Conversation with Alex Oppes, Director – Impact Investing, Social Ventures Australia

Alex works with one of Australia’s leading impact investing organisations, financing projects that have the potential to deliver a social or environmental return, as well as financial. We find out what social impact investing means, and how it can create opportunities for social enterprises.


Developing your product 

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 Conversation with Amy Hetherington, Editor, The Big Issue

The Big Issue Editor Amy Hetherington explores the unique challenges involved in producing a magazine that appeals to both the vendors selling the product and the customers who buy it from them.


Marketing on a shoestring

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Conversation with Stephanie Say, National Communications and Partnerships Manager, The Big Issue 

Steph discusses some ways in which The Big Issue promotes its different social enterprises. We also look at what elements need to be considered in a successful marketing campaign.


Social procurement

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Conversation with Olivia Cozzolino, Growth Services Manager, Social Traders

How do businesses and government use their purchasing power to support social enterprise? Olivia Cozzolino explains what social procurement is and how Social Traders connects social enterprises with social procurement opportunities.


How can big businesses create social impact?

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Conversation with Fiona Nixon, Head of Strategy and Communications, Bank Australia

Corporate social responsibility is evolving – it is now more than just a token gesture. Customers and employees are demanding big businesses integrate positive social and environmental outcomes into their activities. In this episode, I speak with Fiona Nixon about this trend. We discuss some examples of how commercial businesses and social enterprises can work together.


What I’ve learned about running a social enterprise

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Conversation with Pat Ryan (Dismantle), Sarah Gun (GOGO Events) and Nip Wijewickrema (GG’s Flowers and Hampers)

Entrepreneurs Pat Ryan (Dismantle), Sarah Gun (GOGO Events) and Nip Wijewickrema (GG’s Flowers and Hampers) talk about their experience of running a social enterprise and provide advice for those getting started.


The mentor-mentee relationship

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Conversation with Clifford Moss, Co-Founder, Goodsmiths and Good Business Matters

For new social entrepreneurs it can be quite daunting diving into the world of social enterprise, especially if you have no experience in running a business. A mentor can help guide you through the planning and operating stages of your new business. Cliff explains more about developing a mentor-mentee relationship, and how it can help.


Leadership without Authority

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Conversation with Stephen Duns, Director – The Leadership Centre

Positions of authority and good leadership do not always go hand in hand! Stephen discusses the role of a leader in all types of business and how to develop your own leadership skills.

Online Workshops

Starting your Business Plan

Presented by Danya Sterling, Manager – Education Enterprises, The Big Issue

Tuesday 18th August, 12pm AEST (10am AWST)

register here

Manager of Education Enterprises, Danya Sterling, steps you through the process of starting to organise your thoughts into a working business plan. This workshop will show you how to use the business model canvas or logframe as a starting point, and how to develop your plan further.


Writing your budget 

Presented by Jon Whitehead, CFO, The Big Issue & Homes for Homes

Friday 21st August, 12pm AEST (10am AWST)

register here

Writing a realistic income and expenditure budget is an important part of your business plan. The Big Issue’s CFO, Jon Whitehead, uses an example to step you through completing a budget template.

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